Take Part

Take Part Hertfordshire was a nationally funded two-year programme that started in 2009. As part of a national learning framework, it aimed to enable groups and individuals to get more involved in local communities and decision making and have a stronger voice. 

Take Part Hertfordshire was all about empowering people who may feel they do not have a voice but want to be heard and to get involved. The programme made a huge difference to the lives of those people who are now better equipped to take part in their communities.

There were two project areas within Hertfordshire, each with a different focus:

  • Demographic: focused on black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in Stevenage
  • Geographic: focused on the Cowley Hill ward in Borehamwood

The programme was managed by Hertfordshire County Council with delivery arrangements unique to each area but both involving voluntary sector organisations that employed the project's two part-time Project Officers.

Take Part Stevenage was managed by Stevenage Borough Council and delivered through Stevenage World Forum who hosted the Project Officer. They worked with BME communities across the district with over 100 people participating in the programme.


Over the two years, more than 20 activities were organised including:

  • Visits to the Houses of Parliament and council offices
  • Opportunities to shadow a local councillor
  • Skills-development and training courses such as Leadership & Influence; Giving presentations; Mentoring


What did the programme achieve?

People feel they belong in their area

Rose from 87.5% to 91.5%

People from different backgrounds get on well

Rose from 70% to 95%

People feel able to influence decisions affecting the local area

Rose from 58% to 75%

Comments from Take Part Stevenage participants:

  • "I was encouraged to get involved to understand the importance of what equality and diversity means within communities and places."
  • "I feel empowered to continue with my new skills."
  • "I have made many new friends through the Take Part project which has enabled me to understand other cultures and also to understand myself and I have gained confidence too."