A European Union-funded initiative, the IT4U computer training course ran between September and November 2010. The course gave 20 mature members of the community the opportunity to develop basic computer skills to enhance their quality of life.

Over the 18-week programme, the students attended weekly training sessions (there were two groups of 10 students) during which time they learnt about using word and excel, and to use the internet and email safely. The course which was aimed at the older members of our community targeted those who required coaching in steps from as basic as switching on a computer.

The successful end of the course was celebrated in style at the local Bedwell Community Centre when the students, their tutors and SWF members enjoyed a fish and (micro)chip supper. As part of the celebrations, all students were awarded a certificate of attendance by Cllr Sherma Batson.

The course feedback was one of overwhelming success with many participants keen to know if SWF will be running any similar or next step courses. Comments from the participants included:

"I had never turned on a computer until I joined this course. I even used our

computer at home over the weekend."

"It's the highlight of my week. For the first time I have sent out letters that I have

written on my computer – one went to a solicitor and he tells me that he's very impressed."

"I now feel confident to that I could shop safely on the internet."

It was amazing to see a diverse group of people slowly transforming themselves from self-confessed low-techs to computer-nerds. And having great fun along the way.

"A great course and tea and biscuits too."