Cultural Celebrations

"Celebrating Diverse Cultures to increase understanding and create community cohesion."
We have secured funding from Awards fro All to run this project. The application was made due to our experience of working with the community groups. We believe our project is needed due to the following reasons:
• As this is a predominately White British (83%) town, Cultural Celebrations provide the opportunities to understand more about cultures different from their own. Also, learning about other cultures  can develop respect and open-mindedness to encourage community cohesion.
• To overcome ignorance and prejudice and to promote identity and heritage
• Promoting diversity brings strength and tolerance in communities and celebrating differences, as well as our common interests, helps unite and educate us.
• To understand others' perspectives, to broaden our own, and to fully experience and educate ourselves.
• There is a need to understand and learn to appreciate other cultures and to come together is one way to accomplish that.
• Through each other's diversity we become more aware of our own. Not only do we become more aware we gain a sense of pride for the diversity of our own culture and personal and community growth.
• Community events provide learning opportunities that are also thought provoking allowing for reflection on diversity.
• To see how many different forms of /culture/food/music can bring excitement to groups outside of their own traditional roots
• To realise what varied cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles people lead. There is a need to relate and understand those with those with different/changing social, economic, and educational backgrounds.
Our experience of running similar projects, (Our County 2, Across the Oceans, World Food Day, Celebrate) has provided the evidence that these events are successful and more and beneficial as people want to attend and are engaged. The number of different communities coming together allows us to consult and seek their views. Furthermore we find that people are confident to speak and have a voice.
We reach different age groups and those who would not normally engage in mainstream events. For example after the World Food Day October 2013, where approximately 150 people attended, we were later approached by the Bangladeshi community who made enquiries about setting up a group for Asian Elders. We have met with this group and will be inviting them to these community events to progress their need for a group for Asian elders.