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Welcome to our new look website. I hope that it will encourage you to contact us about your activities and how

we can support you.


We would love to hear from you about the good work you are doing and if you have any concerns on issues affecting

you, your family, or your community.


We are also a volunteer-led organization but we will endeavor to help and support you via our strong and

established networks.


To give the ethnic communities a voice and act as a representative body in communicating with other organisations and consultative groups (statutory and voluntary) and ensure they are not left out of decision-making processes.


To raise issues of concern and develop proposals and practical initiatives to make services more accessible in partnership with statutory and voluntary bodies.


To encourage networking amongst ethnic groups and share and celebrate cultural diversity.


To develop projects to meet the needs of ethnic communities and mixed heritage families of Stevenage.


To enable people to share knowledge and good practices.


To break down barriers caused by ignorance and encourage mutual respect.


To work towards establishing a multi-cultural centre for educational purposes, social activities, meetings or worship or fair access to existing community space.


We support ethnic community groups by building their capacity through provision of resources and assistance within the boundaries of our funding.


We do this by offering the following:


Administrative assistance including photocopying services


Meeting rooms and office space


We are seeking funding to support the Forum's activities and those of our member groups.


When successful bids are made, we wish to offer fundraising services, networking, training, advocacy, advice and counselling services.


Actively supporting the establishment of a supplementary school to help improve educational achievement of ethnic minority children.


SO Stevenage: The Board and Executive

Stevenage Social Inclusion Partnership

MENTER (regional network for ethnic communities)

Stevenage Community Network

Chairs of Hertfordshire Minority Ehtnic Group (coHmeg)

We are Friends of all our member groups.


We are able to record, confidentially if required, incidents of hate crime that occur in Stevenage. We offer advocacy in partnership with Equal Voice.


We also help other organisations to make their activities more accessible to members of ethnic communities. We endeavour to establish firm long-term working partnerships that genuinely benefit all partners.


We are an active organisation, not just a 'talking shop'.


We are not dominated by any single group or individual and an atmosphere of mutual respect prevails at all times.


We would like to hear from you if you wish to become involved with the activities of the World Forum as member or a volunteer, or if you are a new or existing ethnic community group. It is free to become a member of the World Forum.


Over the years Stevenage World Forum has been responsible for many fantastic events.


Click here to see key events in Stevenage World Forums history

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